• When is the correct time to tell people?

    1. I don’t know if there is a correct time to tell people, I think just when you have prayed about it and feel you can handle and questions.
    2. I didn’t wait, I couldn’t wait. I got home and was in a total mess. I wanted to be strong but I could not be I just started to cry and out it came. My family came to me and held me.
    3. I got all my information together and then told them all that I was sick but I was not going to give in to this. I was going to fight like never before and I needed them on my team.
    4. We talked about it with just the two of us first before we told the family. When we told them it was not as bad as I thought it would be. They were very concerned but because we were confident they were confident.
    5. I had to tell my kids myself because my partner left when he found out. But my kids are with me and my friend’s. They all gathered around me and have been my supporting miracle.
    6. Is there a correct time? I think that it depends on the person and the situation as well as what other family issues the family may be dealing with as well. No one wants to place more burden on their family.