Ray’s Testimony


When you are looking at the possibility of a less than joyful future you need to make every moment count. When I lost my mother to cancer I made a commitment that I would do everything I could to help people fight this and to make the time people have better. I set out with a goal of helping to improve the lives of people fighting cancer, to somehow bring some joy in to their lives. Since the first trip with a family on the water I have seen moments that words can’t describe. I have seen people that had given up hope regain joy. I have seen people realize they still have things to fight for. We have given families joyful memories that families will have for many years to come, to enough energy to stay in the fight and not give up. I have seen the hopeless alone look in the eyes of people that are ready to give up turn to hope for the future. I have seen families come together in ways I never could have dreamed of.

I have seen firsthand that a big tool in defeating cancer is hope and joy. I have seen that when you take a family out of the isolation many people fall in to with cancer and help them to feel normal again, even if only for a day. That like magic can recharge the ability to keep fighting and not give up. That is why we say, never give up never give in.

Since that first trip we have helped many families to enjoy time together, we have started helping people with everything from transportation to and from medical treatments by land and air to in home care such as cooking and cleaning. From life coaching to support after someone has lost the battle.

What we do is far more than what you can see on the outside. We have helped people prepare for what’s next good or bad, with our help people are no longer fighting cancer alone.

Since this started with me my family some friends, we have grown to hundreds of volunteers in many states and will be around the world in time. We do not raise money to fight cancer with research, we help the people fighting cancer and that I feel would make my mother proud of what we have done and all we will continue to do.