• How do you support people with cancer?

    1. People that are fighting cancer are no different that people without cancer, only they tend to have a greater respect for life and what is means. So when you are talking with us treat us like you would any other person, if your happy be happy, if you sad be sad. Just be real and don’t treat us like we are different.
    2. I think it’s good to set boundaries. So let’s say we all know that I have treatment on Tuesdays, so give me until Thursday before you ask any thing that you need an answer to. I mean ask but if I can’t get back to you fast don’t be mad at me. Send lots of wishes on Facebook or email and just know I may be to worn out to answer them all but I do read them and they do help me.
    3. Many times I am just to beat to ask for help. I don’t want to be a bother to anybody. That doesn’t mean I don’t need help. Ask if I need something any way.
    4. When people talk to me I want them to talk about fun things and what is going on. I don’t want the room to be all quiet and sad, I need happy.
    5. So something that I absolutely LOVE doing, is making various types of scarves, all colors, all shapes and sizes.  To pass the time away, I make these in the hospital when I stay with David.  This last time, I made TONS of these, I passed them out to adult & child patients. The little girls next to David’s room ended up having a “Fashion Show”.  It brings such joy to my heart, to see their faces light up. They look so pretty with their little scarves wrapped around their heads/necks. I believe it takes the attention off of their insecurities for a short time.