• What do people need to be ready for?

    1. Well as a kid we need to know that our parents are going through the hard stuff. So not only do they have the family to think about they are fighting cancer so if they get short or mad just remember they have a lot going on. Be patient with them and love them. Let them know you understand and are there for them.
    2. Don’t be upset if they withdraw for a time, they are trying to work it out as well and you can’t even imagine what is going through their minds. Give them time to adjust. Let them know you are there and love them, but don’t stop talking to them just don’t get hurt if they are not in the conversation some times.
    3. Sometimes you will be talking and next thing there are people crying, just let them cry and let them know you love them and will be there for them.
    4. The thing that was hard for me was trying to get things in order so that if I did lose the battel my family would still go on. That was on my mind every minute of every day. I didn’t have life insurance so I didn’t know what to say or do. I felt as if I let my family down.
    5. When we were going through the treatment before the operations his moods would change and his body would react to different things, food that he loved before made him sick just to smell it. I had to come up with a lot of different foods.
    6. She is a trooper, I know she was in pain every day but she never said a word. So I asked what I could do to help, when she started talking I just let it flow and did everything she asked. She would have never asked before, so what can you do to get ready, everything she did before so she doesn’t worry or have to ask.
    7. We cut down on all spending that day. We went on full savings mode. We didn’t know what this was going to be like so if we didn’t need it we didn’t do it. Looking back I am glad we did because when it got hard we had savings still to take time off work and be together.
    8. After the treatments started his body started to change, the doctors told us about the hair loss being weak so we were ready. We got wigs and the family would all go out to dinner with a different color wig on. Even the restaurant down the street got in to this and when we went for our dinner they would put one on and serve us. They made us feel like we were all one big family and we were all fighting this together.
    9. We moved some things around in the home so he could get to the bathroom faster; we moved the TV room around so he could walk with more ease. We just tried to make the home a place where he didn’t have to struggle. Looking back now that he is 100% we are glad we did. It meant a lot to him even though he didn’t tell us at the time.
    10. They need to be ready to get out of their body what they put into it.  If they continue doing the things that caused the cancer in the first place, they will only worsen their situation.  They need to be ready to make some lifestyle changes.