• How can people who care help?

    1. With me I just needed to know they were there, I didn’t have all the answers yet so I was very afraid. They just were with me and let me know I would not be alone.
    2. I was a mess so my friends came to my aid, they were not overbearing but they did make sure all the little things were taken care of. Like my yard, my mail, they came and took the dog for walks. Little things that turned out to mean so much.
    3. My sister went to every meeting with me. She asked every question and took down the answers for me. Then as time went on I found out she was running the information so I didn’t have to answer as many questions. I didn’t even know how not ready for this I was and I don’t think I could have made it
    4. My friends and family had to face the face that even though I needed them and loved them I was week. But they still didn’t stop calling and stopping by. They let me know I didn’t have to do anything they were just there to love me. That was hard because for a time every one stopped calling or coming by. I felt so alone and in a dark place.
    5. Every time my family and friends came over my wife made sure they were in the happy zone, God bless her she kept the bad out and the good in. It made it easy for me to be happy when everyone that came in was happy.
    6. Just being there, having fun and laughing.