• How do I tell my family and friends I have cancer?

    1. What I felt was best was getting the leaders, Dads Moms people like that and telling them first so we could talk about it. From there we got some of the kids together and told them. For the ones we felt needed to be told in a different way we let the Dads and Moms tell them first them we talked to them. This was what worked for us.
    2. I could not do it so I put it in an email telling them what was going on and told them I needed some time to deal with it but was open for company.
    3. I called my family one by one and told them. They have rallied to my side and I don’t know why I was so afraid to tell them now.
    4. I had all the kids over for a BBQ in the back yard, after dinner we were all sitting by the fire pit and we told them we had something to tell them. I told them what was going on and every member of my family hugged me and told me we were going to beat this together, Dad you are not alone is our family battle cry now.
    5. Personally, I was grateful that my husband was fishing and that a friend went with me to hear the news from my doctor and what the next steps were to be for my diagnosis. My husband is very emotional and I am not for the most part, so seeing him break down would not have been helpful to me at the time. I need time to process information that is negative before I can respond to others.