• How can people hurt?

    1. Well I had people tell me “I told you so, I told you ten years ago you were going to get this” Like I needed to listen to that.
    2. Some of the people I loved and thought were there for me no matter what just drifted away. I could see they still had a life, on Facebook I would see all the fun but they never even called me to ask how I was doing. That hurt, I felt like I was already gone. Thank goodness my new friends and small group are in my life now.
    3. There was a family event and I found out about it after it happened. Every one said they didn’t want me to feel bad so they didn’t invite me. It hurt worse when I found out I had been cut out of the family.
    4. There were some people that didn’t understand that I just could not do things after treatment, they were hard on me thinking I was just not wanting to do things. Then my Dad and Mom got them together and tough them some things about this. Now my friends come over and least once a week there is a movie night or game day. Even if I can’t play I’m still with them and I feel like we are still friends.
    5. Asking too many gloom and doom questions. If the person offers the information that’s another story, but to contiually ask can be annoying and depressing.