• How can my family and friends help me?

    1. For me it’s just knowing that they love me and they are there. It’s hard because I am not as strong as I once was but I still need the love and support of a good friend.
    2. Everyone takes turns with my kids and helping with dinner on treatment days. This is everything when I can’t even make it to the bathroom and it’s nice that my kids don’t have to see that.
    3. I think the best thing for me is someone put together a card list and every day I get a card in the mail with everything from prayers to just a ‘hello how are you doing’. It means they have not forgotten me.
    4. Well I can’t do as much but it’s still nice to be invited, one of my friends had enough so instead of an invite they all come over with food and a movie. It turned out to be the best night of my year.
    5. My family and friends have been coming over and helping with the yard and things like that. They know how much it means to me.
    6. At first I had trouble getting to the hospital because I didn’t know anybody. But then a church group found   out and now every time there is someone here to help me. I feel loved and not alone now.
    7. Just being there, having fun and laughing.
    8. They can pray, foremost.  They can help with my children so I can be available to go to appointments, clean house or run errands.
    9. Again, staying positive, keeping in touch. Knowing that they are there.