• What changes can people expect to make at home?

    1. There are days after chemo treatments when my son was most agitated by sound, smells, and bright lights.

    a. Lay Out?

    1. We needed to get rid of a lot of stuff so she could get from her room to the bathroom in the chair. This made it better for us.

    b. The food?

    1. Due to the low immunity thru this, there were restrictions on food, keep this list available, so that the whole family can change their diet.

    c. The noise?

    1. Stay mindful of the sound sensitivity they may have. Lots of people/voices around the house tend to be irritating and cause headaches.
    d. Heat?
    e. Young children?

          1.   We found it was better to make sure he was ready for the kids, never after treatment but when he was ready we would let them in. We wanted them to not be scared of what was going on yet at the same time we didn’t want them to see him so weak.

    f. Shopping?
    g. Every day cleaning?
    1. Again, due to low immunity, germs can cause a surprise visit back to the hospital for any kind of infection. Keep it clean!
    2. For us we would have the family show up on treatment days, when he got back the house was so clean and he never even cough one until he was well on his way to recovery. One day we came home and he said “that was not there? did some one come in today” Now we laugh about it.