• The Latest From Ray

    This month is a busy month for the foundation as we continued to sever people in need and start planning for the year to come. We have more and more people in need coming to us every week. I am thankful to the many people that have answered the call to help. As we move across the country giving help to people in need the demand constantly increases.

    The thing that I find to be true blessings is the hearts of the people that help us bring joy to families. Cancer touches every one; it has no boundaries and takes no time off so we are committed to work even harder for the people we serve. If you would like to join our team please let us know by going to the “Call to Action” page and letting us know what you would like to help with. Remember anything can help from your time to a small or large donation you can bring joy to a family in need.

    If we all do a little or donate a little the results will be a tremendous help to people in the fight with cancer.

    Ray G.