• Call to Action

    Did you know that when you volunteer your time with the Cruise through Cancer Foundation to help a family fighting cancer you help to change many more than one life. Your help sends a message of hope to everyone not only in the family your helping, but every one that family knows. You give hope to the family, you tell them that they matter and that they are not alone.

    The Cruise through Cancer foundation does so much more than getting a family out on the water, camping, or trips to give a family a break. We provide meals, life coaching and even financial help for people that may have insurance but still lose everything because they have lost an income. We provide transportation to and from medical treatments; we have even done house work for people that can no longer take care of things for themselves because of the crippling affect from the treatment its self.

    Please help the Cruise through Cancer Foundation help people in your area by volunteering your time today. Visit our Call to Action page and see what you can do to today. Be the miracle in a family’s life today.